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Hi, I am Susie Brown formerly known as Sue Bosworth.  

I first worked in Northampton Ticket Office from August 1989 to February 1991 when I transferred to Bletchley to train as a Guard/Conductor. I was breaking in to a 'mans world'.

I have set up this website to share my experience of working for British Railways (1989-1996) and to find out more of what conditions were like for my family going back several generations.

My dad Bill Bosworth was a Guard at Rugby in 1970s-80s, Ticket Collector at Northampton and Conductor at Ramsgate in the 1990's.

My grandfather George Henry Clarke was a Signal Engineer for Signal and Telegraph (S&T) at Nuneaton/Stafford area during WW2, Cowley, Oxfordshire and Rugby and Blisworth.

His brother John Alfred Clarke was a Railway Ganger at Blisworth, Johns father-in-law was a Goods Guard at Tiffield.

Georges father Alfred H Clarke was a Railway Ganger at Blisworth and his uncle John Robert Clarke was a Passenger Guard at Melton Mowbray. He was called up to fight in WW1 and taken as a P.O.W. in Doberitz near Berlin,     Germany. He was then sent to work in the mines in Latvia  where he died and is buried in a small commonwealth cemetery  

As we grew up with Dad working for British Rail, one perk was free train travel over the network which was used for days out and holidays.

I wish to share the places we went by train as a family and places that I have been to.

I have found many ex-colleagues and old photos to show how the railway industry has changed over the years and to look at the history of local stations.

The photograph to the right was taken at the National Memorial Arboretum (March 2015). This memorial is dedicated to all railway workers.                                         photo©SJBrown

                          You can contact me by email susieb@outlook.com or Twitter @lifeandrailway

                                                                                                           Railway Family Tree


                                                                                        Alfred Henry Clarke (b1882) ................... John Robert Clarke (b1883, d1917)                                                                                    (plate layer)                                                  (guard)                                                                                                                                                |   

    John Alfred Clarke (b1910)............... George Henry Clarke(b1911, d2005)
            (plate layer)                                        (signal engineer)

                                                                    Susan Clarke (M) William Bosworth

                                                                                                 Susan Bosworth (b1971) (M) Paul Brown (b1970)

                                                                                                                              (guard/conductor)                   (guard/conductor)