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Feed back so far on the website

M.H.      Brilliant website.

L.H.        So far I like what see!  Great  introduction!!

J.K.        Very interesting. Wishing you all the best for   your website.

F.C.        Your website looks very professional, very good indeed.

P.B.        Well done Susie, excellent work. 

J.S.         Very interesting site Susie! I found the page about Blisworth very     interesting. 

L.G.        Looks really good Susie, well done!

A.S.        How nice to see a BR site with something other than trains on it.

V.M.      Your site is absolutley amazing. Its extremely well written and just plain excellent. I learned alot and found it very interesting. I look forward to watching it grow.

N.D.        Saw your website for the first time yesterday loved it.

D.M.     looked at your website which was really interesting. The drains from the old Castle were still causing problems when we built the new                      station!

J.S.       Your website is very good because it helps to remind people that there was a true community of people behind the railways and their                        keenness and professionalism at all levels was essential to keeping it all running. 

A fascinating website. Well done Susie on putting it all                  together.